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Attractive commissions and quick payouts

Advertise new customers with the banners or text links we provide. For each referred customer you will receive the product-dependent commission.

  • Up to 35% commission / sale
  • Web hosting packages 35% / sale
  • VPN Services 20% / sale
  • Dedicated servers 5% / sale
  • VPS Cloud Server 8% / sale
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Let your website do the work for you.

There is a huge demand for cheap, yet high quality web hosting services. ORC Webhosting GmbH offers excellent hosting services with top support. There is something for everyone from bloggers to ecommerce stores - which means you have plenty of opportunities to make good money.

All you have to do is show our banners or text links to your visitors on your website. You can also include text links in your emails or use your social media channels. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Each time you click on one of these links / banners, a cookie is set that remains valid for 60 days. If the referred customer returns to our site and buys one of our products, you will receive the commission.

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Affiliate FAQ`s

Any questions? Do you need other advertising media or formats? Contact our support. We're here to help.

The ORC Webhosting Affiliate Program is a way to make money while referring customers to orcwebhosting.com from your website, social media, blog, etc. If you are interested in joining the program, it is completely free for you. Simply register, incorporate a banner or text link on your website. Complete.

You can withdraw your payment to a PayPal or bank account.

Our standard term for payments is 30 + 10 days. The reason for this is ORC Webhosting's 30-day money-back guarantee. This is how we protect ourselves against fraud. We also have a minimum threshold for payment processing of CHF 50. If this payout amount and the standard term have been reached, we will pay out immediately as soon as you request it.

You need to log into your affiliate account and there is a tab for links / banners / ads or a general text link on your dashboard page. Copy the relevant link or banner code and paste it into your website / email or social media. All advertising material is prepared. If you want additional / different formats, please contact our support.