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Beware of the new Outlook: heise.de warns against data transfer to Microsoft

test of the new outlook. Warning about data transfer to Microsoft

Test of the new Outlook: Warning about data transfer to Microsoft

The new free Outlook from Microsoft, which is planned as a replacement for Mail in Windows, was tested for its functions by heise.de. It was found that when testing the new Outlook, there is a risk that IMAP and SMTP access data for mail accounts and all emails are transferred to Microsoft servers. Although Microsoft emphasizes that it is possible to switch to the previous apps at any time, the data is already stored by the company, which makes it possible to read emails.

Test of the new Outlook: Warning about data transfer to Microsoft

The recommendation of the new Outlook is already appearing in the Windows Start menu of Windows 11 devices with the 2023 update. Microsoft plans to integrate the new Outlook into Windows in 2024 as a replacement for the mail program and calendar, including the classic Outlook, although the exact schedule has not yet been determined.

The new Outlook synchronizes non-Microsoft accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and IMAP, with the Microsoft cloud. This gives Microsoft full access to emails, calendars and contacts. When setting up IMAP accounts, the program even transfers login names and passwords to Microsoft's servers without the user's information or consent.

Heise.de expressly warns against testing the new Outlook without careful consideration, as access data can end up with Microsoft as well as emails. The full article with the test result and further details is available at heise.de: Click here for the original article on heise.de.

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