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what is the connection between the main domain and an additional domain in cpanel?

In cPanel, the main domain is the primary web page associated with a user account, while add-on domains are additional web pages that can be hosted under the same account as the main domain. The main domain has its own directory on the server where it stores its files. Additional domains are added as subdirectories to this directory. Each auxiliary domain contains its own separate content, but shares hosting resources with the main domain.

When you create an add-on domain (addon domain), three major changes occur in your account:

  1. A new folder is created in the "public_html" directory. This folder serves as the root directory for the files of your additional domain.
  2. A subdomain is created for your main domain and associated with the new folder. This subdomain acts as an alias for the auxiliary domain and forwards traffic from the auxiliary domain to the appropriate folder.
  3. The new domain name will be associated with the subdomain, allowing visitors to access the website using either the add-on domain name, the subdomain name, or a combination of both.

For example, if your main domain is "mypage.ch" and you add the additional domain "test.ch", a folder named "test.ch" is created in the "public_html" directory. The subdomain "test.mysite.ch" is associated with this folder, and the additional domain "test.ch" is associated with the subdomain. This means that all three of the following URLs access the same web page:

  • mypage.ch/test.ch/
  • test.mypage.ch
  • test.ch

It is important to note that visitors who use the Web page about the additional domain name (test.ch), will see no sign of the subdomain routing (test.mypage.ch). Everything will appear and work as if they are accessing a standalone website.

To sum up, main domains and additional domains are crucial aspects of cPanel, and it is of great importance to understand the difference between them for managing your website. Both are linked to the same hosting account, but they differ in terms of separate root directories. This allows you to host multiple websites conveniently and cost-effectively within a single hosting account.

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