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Do you want to sell your hosting company? Provide your users with an excellent home and get fairly compensated for all your hard work. We have the experience and track record to make sure your customers are in safe hands.

professional premium webhosting

Ready to sell?

The decision to sell is a big one, but we believe that as an experienced company, we can make that decision a little easier.

ORC Web Hosting is not just about numbers - acquiring an active customer base is about finding the right partner. We want to provide your customers with excellent service, not just acquire as many customers as possible. Quality comes before quantity.

Our technical capabilities give you the assurance and confidence that what you have worked so hard on will find a good home. Your customers will be smoothly integrated into our company and serviced with the best product and support.

To date, we have been involved in several acquisitions. Each time, we work closely with the seller to ensure a smooth customer transition and minimize the effort for all parties involved.

We want to onboard satisfied customers who respect quality and keep them happy while protecting your legacy. Customers from previous acquisitions stay with us for years. Some have been with us for more than a decade!

Criteria for purchase

We prefer the purchase of the customer base of any Shared hosting company based in Switzerland and throughout the EU region. However, we do not purchase physical assets as we migrate all customers to our eco-friendly data center, which runs entirely on green energy, and place them on our own equipment. We are experts in website migration and guarantee a smooth migration with minimal disruption to service.

Your company should meet the following requirements:

  1. The hosting company is based in Switzerland or EU
  2. The hosting company has existed for at least 2 years
  3. The company is growing or has stable sales
  4. Your hosting company uses cPanel/WHM
  5. WHMCS or Hostbill billing system
  6. At least 50 cPanel hosting accounts
  7. Most domains use your name servers
  8. Supplier contracts on a monthly basis
email and hosting support with free website relocation

Smooth migration

While not everyone meets the above requirements, we welcome all potential requests to contact us as we can also work with control panels such as DirectAdmin & Plesk as well as alternative billing systems such as Blesta.

At the Migration we will work with you to inform your clients of the upcoming change of ownership and provide a schedule.

In the vast majority of cases, we can migrate customers during off-peak hours without downtime.