Permanently spam-free with the professional spam filter from SpamExperts. SpamExperts' spam filter protects against spam and phishing attacks.

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Professional spam protection of incoming mail

The professional spam protection from Spamexperts for incoming emails is included in all premium web hosting packages for 1 domain.


Protect your network from spam, viruses, phishing and malware attacks

With Spamexperts spam protection proprietary, predictive technology with self-learning technology you can eliminate spam e-mails before they even enter your network. Since the proprietary filter system for incoming e-mails learns from millions of e-mails processed every day, the filter accuracy is almost 100%.

Immediate detection of new spam and malware outbreaks

Professional spam protection SpamExperts continuously collects and analyzes data, to predict and detect new spam outbreaks. This collected data becomes customers Provided worldwide in real time, so that faster protection against new threats is possible. Increase incoming email continuity.

Better email continuity

If your e-mail server cannot be reached, our spam experts offer you complete spam protection Access (read, compose, reply) to the emails stored in our queue, until your e-mail server is back online. This enables an uninterrupted flow of e-mail and improved email continuity, which prevents emails from being lost or undeliverable.

Professional spam protection for outgoing mail

Protect your domains with outbound email filters. Avoid blacklisting your IP addresses and stay in control of outgoing email.


Ensuring the continuous delivery of emails

With SpamExperts spam protection you ensure that outgoing e-mails are actually delivered to the intended recipients by adding an additional level of protection for the continuous delivery of outgoing e-mails.

Protect the IPs and the good reputation of your company

Avoid blacklisting your company's IP addresses by filtering outbound spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware, and other email-based threats. By avoiding your IP addresses being blacklisted, you not only protect your IP addresses but also your reputation.

More efficient handling of network abuse

Use the proactive monitoring of e-mails and filter reports to benefit from more transparency in the network so that you can more easily identify network abuse. Block compromised accounts automatically or manually with Spamexperts spam protection.

Professional spam protection: Save time and money

Blacklisting can be extremely costly. Quite apart from the damage to your company's reputation, it takes enormous time and money to identify affected accounts and arrange for them to be removed from the blacklist. Add to this the cost of user support and user dissatisfaction.