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wordpress toolkit in cpanel

What is WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is a WordPress management solution. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to install, configure, backup, update and manage all their WordPress sites. ORC Web Hosting offers WP Toolkit Deluxe for free in all web hosting plans. Wordpress Toolkit can be found in the cPanel under the DOMAINS tab.

Wordpress Toolkit Domains

An introduction to the WordPress toolkit

So, you've just created your new hosting account with ORC Web Hosting and signed up to find your WordPress sites and WordPress toolkit. We'll walk you through some of the features you'll see on the dashboard when you first launch.


There are a number of different features that you can use to control certain aspects of your WordPress site. First things first, let's say you want to get into WordPress and start writing on your blog or working on the site itself. Just below the thumbnail and down on the left is your easy access, one-click login to get into the WordPress admin area. This is where everything that happens in the app and contributes to your site management takes place.

Before your WordPress is displayed in the toolkit, it must be installed. We have created a tutorial for this. How to install WordPress in cPanel

Wordpress Toolkit Dashboard

Site management on your dashboard

The rest of WordPress Toolkit Is based on managing your website from more of a project perspective. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard and what each section means:

WP Dashboard

WordPress Toolkit Options

  • File manager: Here you can view all the files you currently have on your WordPress site have
  • Copy data: This button allows you to copy data from one site to another if you manage more than one WordPress domain.
  • Clones: There is also a place where you can create a clone, which is basically a copy of your site and then save it in the Dashboard interface.
  • Backup and restore: This function allows you to save a backup of your website. This backup can be downloaded and moved, and allows you to save these records of your site in a specific location to restore them at a later time if needed.


wordpress toolkit plugins

So for my site I just created you can see that I have installed the plugins Akismet AntiSpam 4.1.17 and Hello Dolly 1.7.2 Contact Form 7.5.3 Yoast SEO 15.3 and others. You can also enable some others by clicking the Install button just below the word Plugins. This will take you to a page where you can search and find additional plugins within the WordPress community to add to your site.


wordpress toolkit themes

We have three themes in this example: Twenty Nineteen 2.1, Twenty Twenty 1.8, Twenty Twenty-One 1.4. Currently the bottom theme is enabled, but you can turn them on and off as needed. You can also search for more themes by clicking the "Install" button and the screen shown below will appear. From there you can choose from thousands of amazing free themes and also paid themes.

Status and updates

If we go to the middle section of the site here, we can see a status column that shows us the status of our WordPress site. In WordPress and really with any type of website, it's always important to make sure that your site is up to date both in version and in your plugins and themes.

wordpress toolkit status

The WordPress community is very active and there are people who are constantly trying to maliciously attack websites. So if there is ever a problem or someone can crack the security of a website, these plugins, themes and WordPress Core will be updated very quickly. It is very important to make sure that these updates are always applied to your website when they are available. This contributes to the Website security at.


The second column here is Tool = Tools. These elements are a bit more advanced and can be used when you need to change the interaction of your website with the outside world or the external web.

wordpress toolkit in cPanel

Search engine indexing: The Search engine indexing so is exactly what it sounds like. Here you can enable indexing and index your website so that it can be found in a search engine, or you can disable it so that it is hidden from visitors.

Debugging: Debugging is a tool that essentially lets you track problems with your WordPress site so you can identify them and then apply those fixes.

Password protection: Password protection lets you set a password to access your site. This is a good tool if you are working on your site and it is not currently ready for production view. You can enter a password so that only you or someone with the password can access it.

WP-Cron: WP-Cron is a technology that lets you schedule tasks to run on your site, and it's a great time saver. It runs routinely and allows WordPress Toolkit to implement your changes as needed to ensure that your resources are allocated correctly and your site stays in production.

Implement the WordPress toolkit for your website

Using WordPress Toolkit Deluxe to manage your WordPress sites can save you time and stress in the long run. For this reason, ORC Web Hosting offers the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe version for free for all web hosting. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team we will be happy to help you!

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