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XTRAMAIL is the home office software that leaves nothing to be desired! Video conferencing, remote work, digital workshops, assignment of tasks, extensive applications, and much more.

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The best webmail in Switzerland for free home office software

With xtramail we give you a tool with which everyone can work from home or on the go without any problems. Especially in times of this pandemic, the xtramail Home Office software is the ideal tool to stay in contact with customers, colleagues, teams, friends and relatives and to work collaboratively. With xtramail you have practically the entire office and communication such as text, audio or video conference on one platform. That makes your everyday life a lot easier.

The xtramail iOS and Android APP will soon be available.

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Clearly structured and clear

XTRAMAIL is beautiful, fast and has advanced features that provide you and your team with state-of-the-art communication technologies.

Get a quick overview of all your communication - your email, channels, files, notifications and a quick upload box are quickly accessible via the dashboard.

Worldwide communication made easy with video conferencing

Text, audio & video conference.

Conversations can begin by email, but can be continued elsewhere. Some messages can become a phone call or video conference. With XTRAMAIL you can start a high quality audio and video call, conference or chat session without ever leaving your inbox. XTRAMAIL is extremely user-friendly - for users as well as guests. Your interlocutor does not need xtramil - you just send him an invitation link and your interlocutor is there.

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xtramail email composer

Create beautiful, professional emails.

Why do you limit yourself to an inferior email editor? XTRAMAIL has more than 25 formatting options with which you can design your emails in detail in order to leave a lasting impression of sophisticated professionalism. Plan to send it at a later time or request a read receipt. Drag and drop files or images into the email editor. Design your email however you want.

Screen Sharing: Simply share your screen

The professional webmail for perfect team work.

No need to leave your inbox and download a third-party app to share a screen or collaborate with someone. You simply share your screen in the middle of your video conference and have complete control over what you share.

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xtramail email composer

E-mail relocation made easy

Nobody loses their emails when moving to another hoster. It is a tedious and stressful task. Importing emails is easy with XTRAMAIL. Just enter your email address details, put your feet up and relax while the import tool takes care of everything.

XTRAMAIL automatically creates all e-mail folders that are on the source server (or maps them to the existing ones) and then copies the e-mails into the appropriate folders.

Choose your signature from 20 ready-made templates

Choose from over 20 pre-made, professional-looking email signatures to help you make a lasting impression.

All of your personal details will be pre-filled automatically so that you can start emailing them as soon as possible.

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xtramail File Sharing

Share and download files - in real time

It's only natural that people joining the channel would want to share files with each other anywhere. XTRAMAIL makes this an effortless experience - just put files in the channel window and off you go - files are immediately available to everyone.

Suspicious, untrustworthy links?

The secure home office software protects you from harm

When properly masked, legitimate looking links you find in email can lead to pretty dangerous places on the web. Many of them contain malware or other harmful content. XTRAMAIL takes care of your safety and therefore warns you before attempting to visit such a website.

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xtramail email composer

xtramail file manager

Robust file manager to keep the system tidy.

Upload files to your personal online storage quickly and easily using drag and drop and manage them from any device, wherever you are, with quick access to everything. Here you can also save your email attachments for future reference or upload other data.

Excellent 24/7 support

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional. We are happy to help you in all matters. Contact us via the 24/7 ticket system or by phone.

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Your complete solution for professional web projects.

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