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SSL-encrypted websites Protect the sensitive data exchange between you and your customers with SSL certificates against misuse and crime in the network

SSL: A must for ALL

A secure exchange of data between you and your customers creates trust - and you get more orders and sales!

Whether order form, login area or integrated booking tool: Anyone who asks customers sensitive data must provide secure connections. Our SSL certificates encrypt every data transfer via the https protocol using TLS (Transport Layer Security).

A single domain certificate is already included in our hosting packages.

Better Ranking

Google & Co. prefer websites and online shops that are protected by SSL.

Increase your visibility on the Internet with SSL encryption! Because security is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor in search engines. Therefore, when ranking search results, Google & Co will reward encrypted websites and give you a better ranking.

Fast website performance has a positive impact on customer experience and revenue.

SSL included your advantage

As one of the leading web hosting providers, ORC Webhosting has a responsibility to make the Internet more secure with SSL.

Several times a day, every Internet user submits passwords, contact and payment information to websites. Without SSL encryption, this data is vulnerable to potential abuse. Together with you, ORC Webhosting makes the Internet safer. That’s why we offer SSL encryption as an inclusive service in all ORC webhosting packages.

Security included - your SSL advantage!

Provider independent - Protect your website! You can also use our SSL certificates if you do not host your website with us.

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